We are starting!

We are starting!  This is the motto of the club of cheerful and resourceful opens the season 2009-2010. General, editorial rehearsal of the playing squad was held in the auditorium of the Angarsk technical Academy.In the new season to compete for the main trophy of radioactive KVN League of Angarsk decided 16 teams from Irkutsk, Bratsk, Ust-Ilim, Nizhneudinsk, Ulan-Ude, Winter, Shelekhov and Angarsk. The main criterion of the upcoming games will be the lack of "flat" humor and jokes "below the belt".According to the chief witted Angarsk and presenter Anatoly CURSE, new games must discover fresh talents and determine the team of the club to participate in the national meeting of the KVN teams, which will be held in Sochi in August 2010. All lovers of jokes and humor on Friday, 23 October, at the theatre hall of the Palace of culture "Energetik".Eugene EUROSIN. . . Читать полностью -->

Loss loss

Loss loss  Saturday, November 14, the personnel of the Department of internal Affairs, and in particular the youth, began to raise the alarm. OHM-4 came resident 210 quarter with the statement for loss of 4-year-old daughter.The most strange thing was that the man could not describe the circumstances of the loss of a child. Arrived on Friday from Baikal from the guests. Not quite sober. But clearly remembered that I was supposed to pick up daughter from daycare. According to him, the daughter from the garden, he still took them, then they go to the guests. Читать полностью -->

The state will help the loan on the car

The state will help the loan on the car  Recently, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said that in 2009, the government would subsidize citizens paying about 8% rate on the loan to buy a car (i.e. two thirds of the refinancing rate of the Central Bank) of the Russian car industry.Called and their price will only help those citizens who will buy the car no more than 350 thousand rubles. Putin promised that the subsidy will be allocated no matter what interest rate people will take a car loan.This measure is temporary, for one year only в“ will cost the Federal budget of 6 billion rubles. So wanting to obtain the subsidy were asked not to procrastinate.What will be the specific subsidy scheme, is still unknown. Approximately the Bank to issue a loan offer already at a reduced rate (which he later compensated by the state). We are talking about banks, which are included in the list of strategic, received state support.OPINIONBranch Manager of the Bank in Angarsk, who did not wished to be presented:- So the man takes 3 years 300 thousand loan, let's say at 20% per annum. Читать полностью -->

If the apartment is cold

If the apartment is cold  According to the requirements of GOST R 51617-2000, "Housing and communal services. General technical conditions", according to which the temperature of the air in homes during the cold period of the year to be 18 degrees, and in the corner rooms of 20 degrees.And below is the order of registration documents for the substandard provision of heating services:When the air temperature in the room or hot water below regulatory options at the request of the tenant using the SLM (the Board) the apartment must attend an unauthorized employee housing enterprise (tech - inspector, engineer, etc.), check the operation of heating appliances and water systems, to measure the temperature of the air or water and to make the act. If a complaint is received at a low temperature in the apartment, in the act must indicate whether its tenant activities on the insulation of window and door fillings.Internal air temperature measured on the inner wall of the room at a distance of 1.0 m from the outer wall and 1.5 m from the floor. Hot water temperature is measured directly at the point of demand a special thermometer for determining the temperature of the liquid.Optionally, if guilty of the heat supply company, for the signing of the act set out in section 2 of the order invited his representative. The act originally fixed time (date, hour) count poor quality of service provision (receipt of request from the tenant to the UDF), and then the time (date, hour) elimination of violations.If the results of the measurements show the invalidity of the complaint or the tenant is not implemented for the insulation of the apartment, the report shall be made only if the tenant requires it. The facts stated in the act, may be appealed by the tenant in the Management of a municipal district, if the house is managed by municipal housing companies, and in other cases - in court.. Читать полностью -->

Shuko Andrey

Shuko Andrey  The candidate of medical Sciences, honored doctor of the Russian Federation, chief ophthalmologist of the Irkutsk region. Born in 1956 in the Angara family of famous physicians, S. C. and G. P. Shuko. Читать полностью -->

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